Relive meetings like never before

Whether you spend your day in endless back-to-back meetings, or in University lectures. The Echo Platform is built to ensure you can relive your meetings in a completely new way.

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Sit back and Echo

Set up Echo with every existing tool that you use to meet online. Once you start tracking, Echo’s features will help you save hours. Use the desktop widget to track your video calls, or the Echo mobile app to track your coffee shop conversations.


Your Console. This is where all the magic comes together. One intuitive dashboard to manage, store, read, edit and watch all of your recordings in one place. View your transcribed clips, add supporting material or notes, share with your content, even re-watch the content as it happened, straight from your console.

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Echo is, and always will be free for students, whether you’re in College or University. All we ask is that you spread the word as much as possible within your student groups. Share your content, take notes like you’ve never taken notes before (without the notebook) and give us feedback whenever you can!