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Echo is your meeting companion, your automated note-taker, task delegator, insight propagator, point of interest capturer and your “what did they just say?” helper.

Never forget a valuable insight ever again.

Retain the 95%

Have you ever sat in a meeting and completely forgotten what was said 5 minutes ago? Maybe you’re trying to keep track of your endless to-do list and tasks that are assigned to you.

Research tells us that the average person only retains 5% of the discussion from a meeting. Use Echo to be your remote meeting personal assistant, on mobile and desktop.

Forget notes

Echo; the native platform that works with your video conferencing platform. Echo is your note taker, your meeting PA, your memory. Trigger Echo to capture the important moments of your meeting, record just the voice or go further and capture the entire video from your conference, all converted into notes once the meeting has ended.

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Missed something?

Use Echo’s memory to never miss a word. If you’ve realised that you’re half way into a topic that you really should have been paying attention to, memory gets you there. Just swipe and we’ll make sure that you can record that moment your boss said that you deserve a raise.

Track your video conferences

Echo works natively with every video conferencing tool on the market today. No need to worry about integrations, remembering your login or password. Just launch your meeting and you’re good to go with the desktop or mobile controller.

Connect your storage

We like giving you choice. Use Echo’s storage as part of your subscription or connect directly to your cloud storage provider. Don’t worry about your file security, our encryption ensures every record is securely stored.

Connect your CRM

If your choice to use Echo is to assist with your customer calls, demonstrations, support – then why not connect Echo to your CRM system. After a call then you can send the notes directly to your customer’s CRM record in a click of a button.

Connect your project management tool

Like most teams working remotely at the moment, it’s important to ensure transparency and workload management. After your weekly catch up you most likely have been given a to-do list. Echo transcripts the tasks you’ve been given them, written as tasks, then send them straight to your project management tool.

Echo Security

Echo uses world-leading Encryption, Blockchain and Smart Contract technology to ensure that we align with top-level security specifications to make sure that your data remains yours.

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Spend less time note taking
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