Have your best call

Spend less time note taking and more time participating



Your Echo Console dashboard is your one stop page to all your meetings; past, present and future. View previous meetings, view upcoming ones. Manage your storage and clips all from here.


Echo integrates to iCal and Google. View and launch your meetings with ease from your dashboard.

Cross conference

There’s no restrictions with video conferencing. Echo works with every type of video conferencing tool. So if your team meetings are on Zoom and your customer meetings are on Google Hangouts, we’ve got you covered.


Our integrations span across all major cloud storage solutions. Integrate to your own storage, we manage the encryption. Or sign up to the Echo console cloud storage as part of your subscription. 

Clip navigator

View all of your in-session clips in a natural audio player. Echo removes the noise of the content you didn’t want to track to enable you to focus on the moments that matter the most.

Voice to text

Echo converts every tracked clip to text with a 95% word accuracy rate for the English language. That current rate also happens to be the threshold for human accuracy.

Share securely

Granular data sharing permissions enables you to control who can access what specific recorded clip, or a specific logged note. Who can edit or just view the file.

Notes with purpose

Any session notes are tracked against the session clips, video content and meetings which means that your notes always have purpose.