Clip playlists, store and share lecture content

Echoist is your education companion, automated note-taker and revision assistant. 

Dynamically relive your lectures like never before, in a fraction of the time, without missing a word.

Free For Students!

YouTube, Zoom, Canvas, the classroom - take the Echoist Widget with you.

Use Echoist on top of any platform and capture the content that means the most to you. The Echoist Widget has three distinct tracking options.

The Echoist Widget

Point of Interest – This is your interactive screenshot, click this button as many times as you need to capture a 10-second clip. It really is that easy.

Highlight – The big blue button, use this to highlight a section of the lecture in real-time that you know you’re going to want to rewatch at a later date.

Trackback – Often, you don’t know that something is important until it’s already gone – use the trackback button as many times as you need to rewind in 15-second increments to ensure you never miss a thing.

Echoist Mobile

Whether you’re in the classroom or remote, the Echoist mobile application mimics the desktop Widget but is packed with even more features: 


Where all your content comes together. Like your favourite YouTube playlist, you’ll be able to see all of your captured lecture content, transcribed to text, with the interactive content that was displayed in a smart playlist. Jump straight to the 30-second clip that you tracked reminding you what an Octothorpe is.


Integrate your calendars to one so you’re always on time and ready to Echo!

Share down to the specific second of a lecture with your classmates, teachers and lecturers. Note-take like a boss, without writing a single word.

Need more context? Upload any supporting material to your tracked Echoist lecture.

It's Free!

Echoist is, and always will be free for students, whether you’re in College or University. All we ask is that you spread the word as much as possible within your student groups. Share your content, take notes like you’ve never taken notes before (without the notebook) and give us feedback whenever you can!