Echo sprints its way past 100,000 users 🚀

Remember this story? 29,000 end users on our waiting list seems like a million years ago… but the reality; it was just in May that we were over the moon (and completely knackered) with all the notifications coming in. We’ve made great steps since that post in May, with the huge need for Echo that […]

Echo receives over 30,000 end user signups in its first month of early access

Echo; the platform that makes remote working so much more rewarding has recently launched its early access programme with a bang. The Echo website ( went live on the 10th April, enabling users to submit their email addresses to gain early access to the platform which has seen an unprecedented level of interest and excitement. […]

Featured on Betalist ? Echo is a web and mobile app that lets you easily track clips and collaborate on notes on your video meetings, virtual events, and remote lessons. You tell Echo what segments of a session were important to you, Echo tracks these segments, converts the audio into text with the same accuracy of human […]

Early Access is live!

We’re excited to announce our Early Access programme is now live! We’re on the lookout for a diverse range of individuals and businesses to be our first users on the Echo Platform. Have you ever sat in a meeting and completely forgotten what was said 5 minutes ago? Maybe you’re trying to keep track of […]